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Training Programs Available - Listed Alphabetically

Career Management – this program focuses on the skills participants need to manage their careers within the organization as well as exploring opportunities outside the organization.  Topics include skills, traits, and values assessments, networking, writing resumes and cover letters, interviewing, and negotiating the job offer.

Creative Problem Solving – this program provides the participant with a variety of techniques and methods for identifying solutions and solving problems for both individuals and groups.
Improving Communication Effectiveness – this program looks at various aspects of the communication process including verbal and non-verbal communication, listening, and feedback.  Methods for communicating assertively are also presented.

Interviewing Skills – this program provides participants with the skills needed to be more effective at interviewing candidates for positions within their organizations.  Heavy emphasis is placed on behavior based interviewing.  Participants have the opportunity to practice interviewing.

Managerial Skills – this program provides participants with an overview and covers the basic skills needed by most managers.  Topics include: time management, communication, motivation, conflict management, and performance appraisal.

Performance Appraisal – this program present the concept of performance appraisal with an emphasis on setting measurable objectives and providing a framework for individuals to perform and be evaluated as objectively as possible.

Presentation Skills – this program provides participants with the tools needed to more effectively make presentations, including vocal qualities, using transparencies, eye contact, and more. It can include a video portion where participants are videotaped making presentations and feedback is provided.

Project Management – this program looks at the whole realm of managing projects from start to finish.  The breadth of the program will be determined by the number of sessions requested.

Recruit and Retain Personnel – this program focuses on how to get candidates into the organization, how to identify the “best” ones, and how to keep them once they are hired.

Strategic Planning – this program can be presented in two ways.  First, it can be a training session on how to do strategic planning. Second, it can be a facilitated strategic planning session where members of an organization work on the development of a plan.

Stress Management – this program helps the participants identify their sources of stress and then provides techniques and methods for more effectively managing their stress.

Team Building – participants in this program learn the differences between groups and teams and have opportunities to experience both.

Time Management – this program is designed to help people manage their time more effectively. Techniques are provided.

Train the Trainer – this program is aimed at individuals who have the responsibility for developing, designing, and delivering training programs.

Other Custom Programs – other programs are available including morale and attitude surveys; facilitation of meetings, brainstorming sessions, and staff retreats, etc.

Managing for Success®
This is a behavior based assessment instrument that helps individuals in organizations improve the working relationships between managers and employees, between co-workers, and with customers and increases the effectiveness of the staffing process. The instrument measures behavior and emotions rather than a person’s intelligence, values, education, skills, or experience.  The instrument has been used by over three million people in a variety of organizations and only takes 10 – 15 minutes to complete. The 25 page narrative report that is developed can be used with any of the above listed programs.

TTI’s Style Analysis™ Response Form (PDF - 326 kb)

A behavior-based assessment instrument based on DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance) that helps organizations improve working relationships between managers and employees and between co-workers and increases the effectiveness of the staffing process.

The instrument measures behavior and emotions rather than a person’s intelligence, values, education, skills, or experience. Over three million people have used this instrument in a variety of organizations. And, it only takes 10-15 minutes to complete the assessment.

The information in this report can be applied to a variety of tasks within the work environment. These include:


  • Staffing and Job Selection
  • Benchmarking the Work Environment
  • Benchmarking Performers for Behavior
  • Benchmarking Performers for Values
  • Team Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sales Force Training
  • Communication




Five Versions are available:

  • MFS Executive – for the senior level managers in an organization, provides an accurate analysis of strengths and value to the organization.
  • MFS Manager-Employee – gives valuable information to the employee, manager and work team on communication, work styles, and improving the relationship.
  • MFS Team Building – targets key information necessary to build effective teams.
  • MFS Sales – allows sales managers to increase success by hiring the right people and then managing the sales force more effectively.
  • MFS Customer Service – designed to allow employees having any contact with customers to learn more about them-selves and how customers may react to their styles.










Additional Materials:

Managing for Success®

  • Employee Manager – Foreign Version in Spanish, German, and French
  • Sales Version – Foreign Version in Spanish, German, and French
  • Work Environment
  • Lawyer’s Style Analysis

Personal Insights Profile™

Interviewing Insights

Mentoring for Success®

Sales Strategy Index™

Successful Career Planning

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™

In addition, we facilitate brainstorming and problem solving sessions, team-building sessions, strategic planning sessions, and other organizational meetings where a third party is essential.

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